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I gave up guilt. You should too.

Huh?? For real? Like... altogether? No guilt... is that even possible?

There are so many things in life where we are conditioned to feel a response of guilt. Some of it, the bad stuff, yeah - you should feel guilt. But most of it, is based on what we believe we 'should' do.

But what if you just gave up guilt? How would that change your life? What does that even mean??

Well - it could mean 'LET'S PARTY!!!'. You refuse all the 'shoulds' in your life and you just do whatever feels good in the moment. YOLO, amirite?? No. Not right. Because... adulting. And inner peace. Being a good human. Being self absorbed and throwing all responsibility to the wind... generally not included in the good human characteristics.

So wait - you said you gave up guilt.

Yep - I did.

What does it mean to me? So much, on so many levels.

It means living each day in a way that I am confident that I have thought through my intended action(s) and I am equally confident that those actions will not leave me feeling guilt. Intentional avoidance of the behaviors that I know have left me feeling what I call 'static' (you know - that tight, icky feeling in your chest and a little sour in your stomach). Choosing behavior that aligns with my values and beliefs - being a good human.

It means doing what I can do... today. Let's break that down a little. I am going to do what I CAN do, today. I can feel good about that. But, it also gives me the flexibility to acknowledge what I realistically CANNOT do today, and the self-grace to be okay with that. I will get to it. When I CAN. Without harming myself or others in the name of checking something off of my 'to do' list. Being a contributing member of society while showing myself and others compassion and understanding for human limitations.

100% successful?? No chance. I wish. But each day, just the awareness of a solid plan for living in a way I can feel good about, helps to guide my path. And that feels good.

What's your plan?

Here's to guilt-free living...


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