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A tale of 2 cities (realities)...

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness...

How wonderful would it be to be able to view your business life and world from a bird's-eye perspective? Imagine walking into a big room with giant TV screens, displaying charts and graphs of time spent and objectives attained over the years of your business. A computer then takes all this carefully curated information and not only calculates next steps in order to overcome problem areas, but also produces challenging (yet achievable) goals that will skyrocket productivity, get those big-picture projects done, and equal more cash in the bank. Then, a robot (walks? rolls?) up to you with a glass of champagne, because now all there is left to do is relax. You now know where your business stands and where its heading.

The Reality

If you are like a lot of people in corporate jobs, this is not your reality. Your reality looks more like running around with a hose and putting out small fires weekly, perhaps daily. You have had overarching goals and projects at the back of your mind, but in no way does the daily life of your business take any steps toward your goals. Instead, you're trying to get back on track when a meeting’s been derailed, again. That certain employee is being a roadblock toward favorable outcomes, again. You’re asking someone, again, to revisit that project that didn’t get done 6 months ago. When will you actually make progress??

Working IN vs ON your business, explained

Does your day-to-day work life look more like the second or first scenario (minus the fancy, fake technology, of course)? The beginning of this article describes “working on your business.” You are able to take a step back and gain some insight into how your business is working currently, and you can clearly see what needs to change.

When none of this stepping-outside-the-norm happens, though, you are caught just “working in your business.” Unless you can step out, you are trapped on the inside... reactive v. proactive. The firehose is, unfortunately, the only tool available to you.

Invest in your future: Business Strategy Consulting

A future without a firehose is waiting. When you hire a business strategy consultant, you get an experienced individual who can provide you with a daily grid for a view from up higher. This consultant will be able to present you the hard facts, where time and money are being wasted, and solutions to get you where you envision going. And if you want the glass of champagne, it's on me! But peace of mind with a plan... now THAT is a breath of fresh air!!

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